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Tec Fase
Born in Cordoba, Argentina, 1975
Lives and works Brazil and Argentina

The combination of different techniques and support is the tonic for this Cordobes artist’s work, who uses the street as his aesthetical inspiration. Tec explores the ambiguity of both the private and public art spaces, using a variety of methods: performatic intervention, site-specific installation and action footage.

The artist has innovated and expanded the urban art scene, with his giant drawings painted right over the asphalt, making use of distance and perspective.

To document these projects as a way of mapping the circuit of his production, he films and captures the images with a camera attached to a drone.

On screen, he brings together the speed of action painting and the formal rigor of the layers that superimpose. His signature lines and the way he works with color march to the beat of a different drum when compared to established knowledge and the way things are, using the creative act to put in place a new interpretation of what is real. His artwork reverberate and reassert his relationship with the city, which is expressed in an intense dialogue between action and control.

On the overall artwork produced by Tec, one can notice a remarkable manifestation of how he identifies with the children’s poetic universe, be it in his choice of graphics, in the images or in the colors.

Always aware of the social role of art, the artist frequently delivers lectures and runs workshops, specially in public schools, creating narratives consisting of a wide variety of material produced within the country and overseas, going from parietal art to the emergence of graffiti and Pichação.

Internationally recognized with the exhibition “De Dentro e De Fora” (Inside and Outside), which happened at MASP (Museu de Arte de São Paulo), Tec has had exhibitions in art institutions such as New York City, Washington, Barcelona, Berlin and Cologne, and has participated in art fairs including ArteBa (Argentina), SP-Arte (Brazil), ArtRio (Brazil) and Scope Miami Beach (USA).
In 2015, the artist made one of São Paulo’s largest murals on a building located on Amaral Gurgel street, facing Minhocão, the city’s most iconic elevated highway and a highly-coveted graffiti spot.


– Mapping São Paulo with Graffiti on the Asphalt, 11a Bienal de Arquitetura de São Paulo, SESC Parque D. Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil

– La Tierra que Habito, ICBC Fondation, Buenos Aires, Argentina

– 3 Capas, Choque Cultural Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil
– Projeto Pipa, Choque Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil

– Swimming Pool, Choque Cultural Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

– Como Conseguir Tintas, Choque Cultural Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

– Un Rock Para los Lentos!, Espacio 6.0, Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Abre los ojos, Hollywood in Cambodia, Buenos Aires, Argentina
– 10 Salvajes, Gachi Prieto Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Mil Latas, Espacio 6.0, Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Art Inside The Park, Jefferson city – Missouri, USA
– Pescado, Turbo galeria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Lavapies, Cruzllosa Gallery, Madrid, Spain
– Las dents family album, Base Elements Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
– Donde Estas Cabeza?, Tienda Fuencarral, Córdoba, Argentina

– Nosemiamor, Rojo art place, Rosario, Argentina
– Este Verano te Maten!, Sameheads, Berlin, Germany
– Este Verano te Mato Beach!, Espacio Trimarchi, Mar del Plata, Argentina

– Este verano te mato!, Hollywood in Cambodia, Buenos aires, Argentina

– Barbaros, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina


– Pioneros, Museo Caraffa, Córdoba, Argentina

– Cidade inquieta, SESC Rio Preto, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil

– Collective, Vice gallery, Miami Beach, USA

– White Walls Say Nothing, London, UK
– Hermanos, Kosovo Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina
– BS AS, Choque Cultural Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

– XXL, Champions Breakfast, Buenos Aires, Argentina
– De Dentro e De Fora, Museu de Arte de São Paulo – MASP, São Paulo, Brazil

– Tecster, Champions Breakfast, Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Salvate!, Nuerotitan, Berlin, Germany
– Sabaproject, Paris, France

– Carne, GKO Gallery, Tolosa, Spain
– Carne, ArtyFarty Gallery, Koln, Germany
– Carne, Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany

– Amigos de Lo Ajeno, Turbo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina


– SP-Arte, Choque Cultural Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil, 2012, 2016, 2017
– Scope Art Show Miami Beach, Vice Gallery, Miami, Flórida, 2014, 2017
– PARTE, Choque Cultural Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil, 2014
– ArteBA, Choque Cultural Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013
– ArtRio, Choque Cultural Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012
– ArteBA, Barrio Joven, Turbo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011


– “Cuidar la Cabeza”, Museo Emilio Caraffa, Córdoba, Argentina
– “Fair Play”, Tec + Coletivo Doma, Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
– “Untitled”, World Bank Art Program, WDC, USA


– Festival Trama de Arte Urbana, Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Festival Maanso, San Juan, Argentina

– Color BA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Cityleaks, Koln, Germany

– Puente, Public Art Project, Córdoba, Argentina

– Meeting Of Styles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Meeting Of Styles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Planet Prozess, Berlin, Germany